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Nonsensical Squeeing
Of an alternative fangirl
26th-Oct-2006 01:39 am
James Barbour! Camelot! Lancelot!


The schedule.

It comes to Chicago in late April, which is terribly exciting. My only worry is that Sir Barbour will have left it by then; it'd only be four months in but that's still four months, and I know he's still got in foot in on the Tale of Two Cities project. It'll be in Indianapolis in Febuary, which is a possibility, but I'd have to convince someone here (who has a car) to come too, since getting to Indianapolis by train is a fucking pain and a half.

29th-Oct-2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
Thought about it. The sheer irony is that the week it's in Indianapolis is the week of our year anniversary. So while it would be a convienent excuse ("Hey baby, why don't I come down to visit for the 24th and we go see a show or something? I know this really good one...") it might be thought of as a tad inconsiderate.

Not that that's something that always stops me.

(But no Hyatt! Eeevil Hyatt.)
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